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This semester sure was a crazy one. There were ups and there were downs. And even though the downs were pretty tough, many people were there to support me. Because of this, I got to know many of my friends on a more personal level and made many new friends.However, I am so unbelievably sad that I had to say goodbye to my senior friends. Since I am going abroad next semester, I may never see some of them again. I know I was eventually going to have to say goodbye, but I’m not ready. I wish we could all stay in college forever!! I am thankful that two of my good friends will be living in Burlington this summer and next year, so I may live with them or, at least be able to see them. And as for my roommates, I am obviously sad to leave them as well, but they’ll be living with me when I return for senior year!
Before I left, my roommates and I took a group picture at the antique shop on Church Street! It was so FUN! They let us run around the shop and pick out all of our costumes! And th…


I cannot believe that this semester is almost over!Though I was a bit stressed this week, it didn’t stop me from partaking in the various activities both on and off campus!
Friday night I went to the Saint Michael’s home hockey game at Cairns Arena in South Burlington. This was the first game I went to this year and it was an awesome game! We played Babson College and we won 4-2! A bunch of students from Saint Mike’s were there to have fun and cheer on the Purple Knights! And my roommate Julie sang the national anthem in the beginning of the game, like she does for soccer games! It was a great time!

 Speaking of hockey, my intermural hockey team had our last game Thursday night. Sadly, we lost, per usual L. However, everyone played their best and it was evident that as a team, we all improved and that this was our best game of the season! The end score was 2-5, which is pretty good considering the team we played was made up of all boys and one girl who all actually played hockey.