I cannot believe that this semester is almost over!  Though I was a bit stressed this week, it didn’t stop me from partaking in the various activities both on and off campus!

Friday night I went to the Saint Michael’s home hockey game at Cairns Arena in South Burlington. This was the first game I went to this year and it was an awesome game! We played Babson College and we won 4-2! A bunch of students from Saint Mike’s were there to have fun and cheer on the Purple Knights! And my roommate Julie sang the national anthem in the beginning of the game, like she does for soccer games! It was a great time!

 Speaking of hockey, my intermural hockey team had our last game Thursday night. Sadly, we lost, per usual L. However, everyone played their best and it was evident that as a team, we all improved and that this was our best game of the season! The end score was 2-5, which is pretty good considering the team we played was made up of all boys and one girl who all actually played hockey.

ON SATURDAY I WENT TO SMUGGLERS NOTCH!!  It was the perfect morning to start the ski season at Smuggs. As a SMC student, I get a discount which gets me a season pass for $69! I didn’t even ski before I came to school here, but I was taught by some friends my freshman year and I have just been teaching myself for the past 2 years. It was pretty rough to begin, but I eventually got the hang of it, and built up the courage to ski down an easier black trail at the end of the season that year.

Saturday only the Sterling Lift was open to a few trails, because it hasn’t been too snowy up here yet. So, basically Julie and I kept going down Rumrunner because we didn’t want to do the harder trails. Julie snowboards, and actually fell multiple times, because she did not snowboard at all last year. AND she was scared to get off the lift, so one time she grabbed me and threw me to the ground and FELL on me as we were getting off the lift!! It was pretty embarrassing, but hey, it happens to everyone…maybe.

Since it is still the beginning of the season not many people were there. I went with Julie and Kyrstin, who works as a trainer there. So many Saint Mike’s students were there, because it was such a nice day and it was a great day to pick up passes and ski!

Sunday was my roommate Emily’s dance show! So, at Saint Mike’s there are dance classes anyone can take. Since freshman year I have been in an advance dance class that I receive credit for! Since I used to dance in high school, I enjoyed taking this class because it felt like my dance studio back home. At the end of the semester, each class performs a dance or two at the show. This semester I did not take dance because my schedule was so heavy. However, I went to the show to support Emily and my other friends!
Emily did a pretty ballet routine. My friends Aeddan and  Maddy performed a jazz routine to the throwback song “Low”. And other groups performed modern and creative dances.

What I did not expect to see was a certain creative dance, which, was a dance in honor of my friend Jerry who had died in the beginning of the semester. The end of the dance showed people linking arms in a circle, and another student in the class, Braden, touching each member on the shoulder and pushing them to stand completely upright. It was so emotional and beautiful and had many people in tears. And after the dance they asked everyone to dance in his honor.


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