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Moments of The Week

Friday night was pizza night! My roommates and I each made our own personal pizzas and then played Disney Scene It before we went out. I am still annoyed that I lost the game, but I’m very proud of my pesto chicken pizza! Here’s a pic of my roomie Emily cheesin with her cheese pizza J


Intramural Sports at Saint Mikes are very popular! In the fall, we have soccer, wiffleball, and tennis. It is free to sign up. All you have to do is create a co-ed team and play!
Soccer is played in the gym and it honestly gets pretty intense. My team is called About to Get Messi. We aren't exactly killing it in the standings, however we are having a blast, which is what intramurals are all about!

I cannot wait for the winter so I can play floor hockey!!!


This week has been a very tragic one. I do not wish to write about sadness, but this post is very important to me. This Wednesday, Saint Michael’s has lost a dear friend of mine, Jerry. He laughter was contagious and he was capable of putting a smile on anyone he encountered. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body and he was always dancing.
The many who knew and loved him have been celebrating his life this week. The night of his prayer service, the entire chapel was filled with people hugging and holding each other. Thursday night, my friends planned a vigil near the 200’s townhouses in which around 150 people came out to write Jerry notes, light candles, and pray. The male acapella group sang “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” which left everyone sobbing. Afterwards classmates played familiar songs on guitar until strings broke The amount of support from students and faculty has been incredible. Never have I seen so many people gathering, hugging, and comforting one another. I have a…


My first two weeks at Saint Mike’s have been very eventful!Going forward, I will post every Monday to recap my week’s moments and memories.
Since I am a Jersey girl from near the shore, I can only be away from the beach for so long. I visited both North Beach and Leddy Beach a few times since school started.Both beaches are beautiful and typically fairly quiet. I will try to soak up the sun in the upcoming weeks as much as I can before it becomes fall!


Moving into a brand new building with my three best friends is the greatest way to begin my junior year. The apartment is HUGE. And everything is new and clean! This year I am super excited to have a kitchen where I can cook for myself! I love cooking and have a great class schedule which will allow me to have ample time to 
cook and prepare meals (which I will most likely be sharing on this blog). 

I learned, finally, how to pack lightly. You would think with such a huge apartment that you could bring anything you wanted. This is not true. First of all, I can only fill my car with so much. And, half of the things I brought last year were unnecessary. So, I have finally found a good balance. For starters, I only brought the clothes I will actually wear. This means bringing more fall clothes than summer clothes, one bathing suit, and two fancy-ish dresses. I mostly brought workout clothes, because, let's be real, once it gets cold, that's all I am going to wear.

I did not bring mu…