My first two weeks at Saint Mike’s have been very eventful!  Going forward, I will post every Monday to recap my week’s moments and memories.

Since I am a Jersey girl from near the shore, I can only be away from the beach for so long. I visited both North Beach and Leddy Beach a few times since school started.  Both beaches are beautiful and typically fairly quiet. I will try to soak up the sun in the upcoming weeks as much as I can before it becomes fall!
I also attended the Champlain Valley Fair with my three roommates! I went on all of my favorite rides including The Zipper, The Gravitron, and The Ring of Fire! Of course, no fair experience would be complete without filling our mouths with fried food and ice cream!

My favorite activity so far has been going cliff jumping with a bunch of my friends. And, it turns out when we got there, I knew about 20 other people from Saint Mike’s sitting in and around one of the pools! Though this spot is almost an hour away from campus, I highly recommend visiting Warren Falls. It’s basically a large swimming hole where people hangout and cliff jump into the water. There are tall scary rocks to jump from and there are small, less scary rocks to jump off. You decide J Conquer your fears! But be SAFE!!


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