Moving into a brand new building with my three best friends is the greatest way to begin my junior year. The apartment is HUGE. And everything is new and clean! This year I am super excited to have a kitchen where I can cook for myself! I love cooking and have a great class schedule which will allow me to have ample time to 

cook and prepare meals (which I will most likely be sharing on this blog). 

I learned, finally, how to pack lightly. You would think with such a huge apartment that you could bring anything you wanted. This is not true. First of all, I can only fill my car with so much. And, half of the things I brought last year were unnecessary. So, I have finally found a good balance. For starters, I only brought the clothes I will actually wear. This means bringing more fall clothes than summer clothes, one bathing suit, and two fancy-ish dresses. I mostly brought workout clothes, because, let's be real, once it gets cold, that's all I am going to wear.

I did not bring much for my room. Instead, I decorated it simply and creatively. The only thing I do not like about my room is the fact that my bed is lofted. However, it gives me a place to put my drawers and gives me more space.

Anyway, I hope this year is great! My first two house rule are to have positive vibes and to take advantage of fun and interesting things at Saint Mike's and around Vermont! I will be filling this blog with adventures, tips, and maybe even some college kitchen recipes!


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