This week has been a very tragic one. I do not wish to write about sadness, but this post is very important to me. This Wednesday, Saint Michael’s has lost a dear friend of mine, Jerry. He laughter was contagious and he was capable of putting a smile on anyone he encountered. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body and he was always dancing.

The many who knew and loved him have been celebrating his life this week. The night of his prayer service, the entire chapel was filled with people hugging and holding each other. Thursday night, my friends planned a vigil near the 200’s townhouses in which around 150 people came out to write Jerry notes, light candles, and pray. The male acapella group sang “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” which left everyone sobbing. Afterwards classmates played familiar songs on guitar until strings broke The amount of support from students and faculty has been incredible. Never have I seen so many people gathering, hugging, and comforting one another. I have always known that Saint Mikes is a family, but these last few days have made it very clear. I love my Saint Mikes family deeply and I know I am loved in return. The photo of the paper lanterns below was taken by Nat Chamberlain.

In order to take my mind off of things, I tried partaking in activities. Friday night I went to Petra Cliffs with two of my roommates. Petra Cliffs is an indoor rock gym about 10 minutes away from campus. We used coupons given to us by the school, and were each able to climb and rent equipment for $16 each. Not too bad. I really enjoy rock climbing. Hopefully, some time soon I will go outdoor rock climbing with my friend Hayley at Bolton!

Saturday morning, my roommate Julie and I hiked the Stowe Pinnacle trail. It was something I had originally planned to do with a few more people, but they were not up for it. Julie and I went regardless because it was such a beautiful day. The hike was a bit challenging, but well worth it! Not many people were around and the view was incredible. There were, however, so many cute dogs at the top and on the trails. There was also a surprising amount of dads with cute babies in back carriers. This hike greatly benefitted me because I love spending time outdoors. It restored my energy and allowed me to do something for myself. 


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