This week was really stressful for me. My workload was pretty heavy. Besides reading and starting a research paper, I had to attend court and certain other meetings in order to do a project for my media law class. I also attended the performance of Macbeth at the Flynn for my Shakespeare class!

Friday my best friend Emily from back home came to visit me! Her visit was the PERFECT stress releaser. I haven’t gone home to New Jersey since I have been at school this semester and no one has come up to visit. Thus, seeing someone from home was much needed! Saturday morning we drove to Stowe Pinnacle to hike! Originally I thought the weather was going to be bad, but it ended up being a beautiful day! Thought it was a bit muddy, it was not too windy or cold. There were many cute dogs accompanying people on their hikes. Two even wore small coats!  Once we got to the top, it was surprisingly very clear and obviously very beautiful! Emily and I took some pictures and had a snack before climbing back down! This was Emily’s first hike ever! I am so glad I took her to Stowe and got to share in her amazing experience!

After our hike, I showed her around Burlington. I took her to walk by Lake Champlain and walk around Church Street. She, much like I, upon visiting for the first time fell in love with Burlington! Emily commented on how beautiful Church Street looks decorated for the holidays and on how friendly everyone we encountered throughout the day was! Hopefully, she will endure the 7 hour drive and visit more often!!


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