The Saint Mike’s drama club presented a devised play called Ophelia this weekend. The members of the cast wrote the play in its entirety and then directed it within two months! This play was based on Hamlet, but focused on Ophelia. It was set in a modern time period and three new characters were added. It had humor and suspense. I enjoyed seeing the performance and was especially interested in the use of lighting and a projector! As a self proclaimed Shakespeare nerd, however, I wish that they had spoken in iambic pentameter. That would have made me happier!

This week my dad and brother came up to visit! My brother, Kristopher, was here to attend open house at University of Vermont and take a tour at Saint Mikes as well! And, I obviously took them for a hike on Friday! I cannot believe I hiked Stowe 3 times this semester, but anyway, I even skipped class to do it! Though it was a bit windy and snowy at the top, it was a beautiful view. Kristopher had never been on a real hike beforehand, so he really enjoyed himself. My dad, exhausted, had a blast as well, as it had been a long time since he had hiked anything. 


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