I cannot wait to go home for Thanksgiving tomorrow! I have not been home since I got to school, so this mini vacation is much needed. I am kind of bummed that my friends and I here didn’t do a friends-giving. However, we will do a big friend dinner before winter break!

Friday night was the return of Turtle Underground after Jib Fest! Turtle Underground is basically a club/music venue where all of the rock/regge bands from Saint Mike’s play. It used to be in the basement of a North Campus building called Purtil Hall. However, with the construction of the new building, Purtil and the other dorms on North Campus were closed. On Friday, Turtle Underground occurred in Eddies Lounge. Sead, Seven Leaves, and Cosmosis Jones played! Everyone was jamming and having a blast! I am so happy that they found a new location for Turtle! And now, even more people can enjoy it because it is on main campus!

My friend Tyler is in a coed acapella group called Sleepless Knights. This group had a mini concert on Saturday! We went to support him and to see the show. Everyone was amazing! They sang about 6 songs and then a group from Uconn called Extreme measures sang after Saint Mikes. They were also really talented! This group sang familiar songs and added a whole lot of soul. I am always very impressed with acapella groups. They have to practice a lot in order for everyone to learn their parts and to write the music without using instruments!


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