Happy Halloween!

This past weekend was super fun! There were many festive on campus activities to take part of during the week and on the weekend!  I made my own costume Friday night and I could not have been more excited. It seems weird, but since last summer I knew exactly what I wanted to be… A Wacky Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man! Yes. I was one of those waving things you see at car dealerships. And, yes, I flailed and waved all night long. I actually got so into it, that I cannot move my neck now because I gave myself whiplash. L

Anyway, here’s how I made it! First, I bought two pop-up hampers from Amazon. I cut off the bottom of one of them so I could fit inside both hampers when standing up. Then I used zip-ties to attach the hampers to each other since I cannot sew. Once attached, I covered and wrapped the hampers with a plastic tablecloth that I bought at Party City for a dollar using super glue! Next, I cut out holes for my arms (cutting through both the hamper and the tablecloth).  Then, in order to make the mouth, and a place for me to see out of, I only cut through the tablecloth. For the arms, I used the excess tablecloth and created sleeves. I had my roommate attach the sleeves to the rest of my costume using safety pins once I was inside the tube. Lastly, we just glued on paper eyes!

Here is the costume in action!

 Going along with the Halloween theme, I went downtown for the Vermont International Film Festival to see two films this week. I had to go for an extra credit assignment, but I probably would have gone regardless to at least see one film. One of them was a really spooky film called Phantasm. Though this movie was made in 1970, I was pretty scared and creeped out during most of it. I recommend seeing it!

The other film was a documentary called Best and Most Beautiful Things. This film was about the life of a blind and autistic girl. This film was sad, funny, and uplifting. I also recommend seeing this film!


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