It’s that time of the year when almost EVERYONE is sick with a cold. I blame my roommate Emily for getting me sick. Now I feel like the baby in this GIF. I can’t stop sneezing and all I want to do is sleep, but I can’t because I have so many things to do.

The reason I am sick is because I didn’t get much sleep all week. I had so much homework and a big test for my global communications class. This test required me to learn where all the countries in the world are! Honestly, when I began studying I realized I did not have any prior knowledge so it was very stressful and challenging to learn everything. However, I think I ended up doing really well! All of my late nights studying on Sporcle and printing out maps to write on paid off.

This past Friday, the 30th, was my roommate Kyrstin’s 21st birthday!! While my roommates and I took her out to dinner, my other friends decorated our apartment and got the party set up. Then when we came home, everyone in our apartment surprised her! We had a cake and a PINATA full of candy and fun things! It was so much fun, but as my parents would say, “its all fun and games until someone gets hurt”. Kyrstin, while blindfolded trying to hit the piñata, let go of the club she was swinging with. It flew behind her and wacked my friend in the leg! L  She is okay. She just has a tiny little bruise there! 


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